Naia is an Environmentally friendly vessel. She loves the oceans and likes to share her passion and the importance of preserving our oceans and sea life with others.


Onboard of Naia, you will find reusable kitchenware, real silverware and boat style reusable plastic cups. Yes, we wash dishes onboard and pride ourselves on having a small trash bag at the end of the trip.


Naia likes to remind her guests of the importance of recycling. For that reason, if you bring your own drinks, we kindly suggest that you bring aluminum cans, and avoid those small convenient plastic bottles. Help the crew by keeping recyclable cans and bottles in a separate trash can. Plastic is recyclable, but unfortunately too many of these bottles end up on the water adding to already enormous problem of ocean trash.

Instead we suggest that you bring your own personal refillable water bottle. If you do forget yours, no problem. Naia keeps several water canteens and good quality filtered water for refills.
The Crew would also like to remind guests to, with some obvious exceptions, avoid glass (safety onboard is first).


Hawaii has lost over 50% of its reefs in the last 8years due to large bleaching. Most sunscreens pollute and destroy the reefs. Unfortunately most of the sunscreens available in the stores are not reef friendly.

If you’re getting in the water, use one of the environmentally friendly sunscreens onboard of Naia.
Brands such as Stream2Sea, tropical Sands, Reef Safe or other organic biodegradable sunscreens are friendly options for the ocean.

Local & Organic:

Naia likes to support our local Hawaii based organic farms and organic food stores. If you choose to add food to your charter, you’ll also be supporting our community, while eating healthy organic food.